Pics of cute n' sexy girls in lesbian relationships from anime and video games. Posts not featuring yuri/girls are related to aforementioned media.
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Last, but certainly not least, my favorite part of Yuyushiki episode 7. Best. Idea. Ever.

What about the “classy bean” scene? It was as subtle with it’s yuri awesomness as this magnificent scene.

Yeah that was also a noteworthy scene that I screencapped :)

More screencaps from Yuyushiki episode 7 (and one more after this) because well I took the time to screencap them, so I might as well post them. Sorry if you’re sick of them I won’t go this crazy on them in the next episode x_x.

I just love this show way too much right now sorry. I’m trying to think of a way to spin it into a harem anime fanfic. But it’s better cause it’ll be a girl picking from a bunch of girls :3.

Lmaoed at the first two screencaps. They announce attacks in animes all the time XD.

Seeing Yuzuko and Yukari hang out with Yui individually was refreshing. It almost felt like a female harem anime, where they both fawn over Yui and she can decide between them (or preferably take the threesome route).

Sigh…why is this anime going by so fast? It’s going to be K-ON all over again at this rate! ;_; Anyway, innuendos abound! :3